Post Covid-19 Recovery Tips

You may be one of the lucky ones, and bounce back after having Covid-19, but many of us will experience one or more of the following symptoms Post Covid:

Physical Symptoms

  • lack of energy or extreme tiredness
  • breathlessness
  • muscle aches & weakness
  • dizziness
  • build-up of phlegm
  • loss of appetite and weight loss
  • lack of sense of smell or taste
  • stomach problems like heartburn, diarrhoea and vomiting

Mental & Emotional Issues

  • insomnia
  • forgetfulness
  • changes in your mood, or depression or anxiety
  • nightmares or flashbacks
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), especially those who spent time in hospital.
  • Brain Fog

When to ask for help?

Phone your GP if you find it difficult to cope with your symptoms. They will give you the support you need and direct you to the appropriate services. Many mental health services and organisations provide free online and phone services.

This includes:

  • online counselling and support
  • phone support
  • text support

Ask Our Pharmacists

Our Pharmacists can recommend a number of vitamins and supplements to help get you back to your pre-covid-self.

Click to Ask our Pharmacist for recommendations or see products below.

Vitamins & Supplements Recommended for Post-Covid-19 Recovery

Vitamin C

What can Vitamin C do for me?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can strengthen your body’s natural defences. It has been used for many years to boost immunity and help shorten recovery times.

Vitamin D

What can Vitamin D do for me?

Vitamin D is an important nutrient your body needs to build and keep your bones strong, among other benefits. Self-Isolation, Restricting Movements and Lockdowns can contribute to low vitamin D levels.


What can ZINC do for me?

Zinc helps keep your immune system strong, and may have antiviral activity, by improving immune cell function that counters viral infections and by reducing the ability of viruses to multiply.


What can Probiotics do for me?

During a recent year long major UK study, carried out by experts at Cambridge University Hospitals (CUH) NHS Foundation Trust, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, the University of Bedfordshire, and volunteer patients across both counties, two capsules a day containing a scientifically chosen blend of natural ingredients could help patients suffering from long Covid. Treating the gut to a blend of five different friendly bacteria called lactobacillus probiotics, combined with a chicory-rich ingredient known as an inulin, could help with acute and long-term Covid symptoms. 

Products our Pharmacists recommend post Covid


Revive Active is a scientifically developed super supplement with up to 26 active ingredients delivering multiple benefits in one convenient sachet.

Contains Vitamin C, D, Zinc along with 23 other active ingredients.

Simply add to water or juice and take first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Swedish Nutra

Swedish Nutra specialises in supporting your health, well-being, joints and bones and helping you glow from within.   Full range of products suitable for all the family.

Contains Vitamin C, D, Zinc along with up to 147 other active ingredients.

Simply take 15 mls first thing in the morning.

Pharmaton Advance

Pharmaton Advance Multivitamin And Minerals 100 Caplets regulate energy levels throughout the day, reducing fatigue and improve both physical and mental performance.

If Pharmaton capsules are taken regularly, the benefits should be felt within a few weeks.

Centrum Advance

Your body requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals every day to function at its very best. Centrum Advance formula has been developed by experts to provide a high-quality supplement to help support your nutritional needs.

Contains 24 key nutrients
Complete from A to Zinc


Alflorex Precision Biotics is the only product in Ireland that contains the 35624 culture, a friendly bacteria that is naturally at home in the human gut and has evolved with us over generations.

Contains 24 key nutrients
Complete from A to Zinc

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar

Goli Apple Cider Vinegar naturally contains beneficial bacteria that help support gut health and heart health. Taste the apple not the vinegar.  Goli Gummies are now available in Ireland.

Udo’s Choice Super 8

Udo’s Choice® Super 8 contains 42 billion ‘friendly’ bacteria per daily capsule and 8 strains of lacto and bifido bacteria including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Rhamnosus, plantarum and Bifidobacterium bifidum and longum. Super 8 hi-count microbiotic is ideal for both every day use and short periods throughout the year.

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